A Dedication to My Mentors & Inspirations

This site is dedicated to my mentors…

Theron & Edna Wemple for always believing in their “maverick” daughter

William Raymond, MD for helping me through my teen depression and life of allergies and eczema, and setting me straight: “Barbara, your birth was so difficult, you should have been mentally challenged, but you’re not. So live your life!”

Kaylin Stellamaris Greene for being my child, challenging my belief systems and helping me see life from a different perspective

Daniel Garliner & the Institute of Myofunctional Therapy for excellence in and passion for myofunctional therapy; for teaching me and nominating me as “therapist of excellence;” for dedicating your entire life to this profession

Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO, FCA for saving my life and opening my mind to seeing infinite possibility

William Hang, DDS, MSD for being a beacon of light in my career and life; for enabling me to see orthodontics a new way; for believing whole-heartedly in myofunctional therapy

My patients for making life worth living by the changes in your lives and your beautiful faces as a result of your dedication to doing your exercises

Joy Lea Moeller, BS, RDH for being a best friend; for your passion about myofunctional therapy; for always blazing trails and seeing “more” in life

– Barbara J. Greene


Read my story about how I became a myofunctional therapist and how my own experiences with TMD and related pain have informed and enriched my practice.

Read what clients have to say about the therapy and my practice.

See before and after images of some of my past patients, young and old alike.

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