This young man, age 8, entered therapy with long face syndrome, a lips-apart posture, nasal congestion and allergies. His sleep was restless, and nighttime bruxing was habitual. He had poor eating patterns and difficulty taking pills. Enlarged tonsils caused him to gag easily when eating “crunchy” foods or foods with skins. He had pain in the top and back of his head, “sensations” around his waist, “cracking” sounds in his neck and “cricket” sounds in his ears. His posture was poor, and he had many poor habit patterns, including lip-biting and licking, cheek-biting, leaning, playing with his lip and pushing his tongue forward while concentration. His jawbones – both maxilla and mandible – appeared underdeveloped, and he had a narrow palate.

Therapy brought about great improvement in all areas, but orthodontic and airway interventions were needed to bring about complete success.