This young man came in with a variety of issues: open-lip posture, mouth breathing, long face syndrome and droopy eyes, allergies and congestion. His head/neck/body posture was poor, as were his eating patterns: fast, large, noisy bites and open-mouth chewing. His sleeping patterns were also poor. He habitually leaned, chewed gum, clenched and bruxed. He bit his nails and regularly bit on and sucked his lips, cheeks and tongue. He had no real biting surface, and four years of braces had brought about little change.

After 6 months of myo, the braces could be removed. As you can see, his appearance is greatly improved! He says that his allergies are greatly reduced, and his parents report that his eating habits are infinitely better (much to their relief!). He also notes improvement with his speech and posture – and that he now has a lot of girlfriends due to his improved looks!