Ms. Barbara Greene Changed My Life!! June 2022 to November 2023


Before myofunctional therapy and my lingual frenectomy, I slurred my speech and became easily fatigued while talking, which is a major problem for a singer and voice actor! I frequently noticed a pain in my throat from the strain that my tongue was causing. Because of my tongue tie, I developed terrible habits from birth, which affected my facial formation and even my personality. My entire life I felt self conscious about my long, drooping face, tense chin, and inability to keep my mouth closed comfortably. My insecurities led me to finally research what some call “golf ball chin,” thankfully leading me to Barbara’s website and opening my eyes! Mouth breathing and “ballooning” liquids to swallow were just a few of the bad habits that I did not know I had. One particular testimonial I loved was that MFT made someone a better kisser. I can now verify that!

Barbara pulled back the curtain to a new world for me. Today, I sleep on my back, I breathe through my nose, my tongue is always in the correct position (something I didn’t know mattered 2 years ago!), my face looks more alert and symmetrical, and I am in the middle of Invisalign treatment to widen my once-narrow smile and make room for my newly freed tongue. Some days I do tongue exercises in the mirror just for fun! I am so grateful to have the muscles and knowledge to use it properly. And I don’t think it’s any stretch to say Barbara boosted my career. Since MFT, I have been told by many friends that my singing voice has gotten better – and I agree. My voiceover work has also significantly increased, along with a more dynamic vocal range. It was a small investment for a lifetime of freedom. I am now a much more confident woman and a MFT evangelist. Thank you, Barbara!!!!

The Unexpected Surprises for Me From My Therapy

Martina, age 21

May 2023

  • It cured my TMJ symptoms!
  • It made my posture perfect!
  • I am more confident now that I no longer have bad habits.
  • My feet stopped being flat footed.
  • I had bald spots in both of my eyebrows, but now they are filled in!
  • After two months I had marked improvement in my skin. My acne is now gone. My face looks tighter and my skin glows.

All this after only 15 visits besides all the positive changes I worked hard to achieve with the therapy itself!

My Tongue Tie Story & How I Cured My Chronic Migraines

By Stephanie Vazquez

I come from a family of resilient people. My grandparents left Cuba for Florida and worked hard to provide a good life for my mother. My mom adopted these hard-working values, too. I remember all the work she put into being a single mother, managing a full-time job, and caring for her sick parents, all while raising twins.

Naturally, I learned to be a tough woman through my mom. And as I got older, I tended to brush off red flags and signs that something was off with my body.

I started getting frequent migraines in my early 20s. They didn’t happen often, so I did not think much of these headaches.

As I got older, these migraines became more frequent, and eventually, I was averaging one big lousy migraine a month. But, being who I am, I always brushed off these migraine episodes thinking I was just tired, thirsty, or hungry, and forced myself to push through the pain.

Then, as each year passed, the symptoms worsened. The pain intensified, or the migraine would stick around longer. I remember numerous times when I had to pull my car over on the way home from work to take a break and close my eyes, but I still didn’t think anything of it.

By the time I hit my 30s, my migraines were a weekly occurrence. Some days I’d end up with 24-72 hour episodes. I still cannot believe how often I showed up to work. My head was pounding as I begrudgingly participated in meetings, worked on projects, and scrambled to meet my deadlines. I started saving my time off for the most serious of migraines. I was starting to become miserable.

Eventually, my life started to change to accommodate my migraine days. I was canceling plans with friends more. I stopped doing things that made me happy, like working out, sewing, or learning new things to help me advance in my career. I felt guilty taking time off work to recover from a headache, and eventually felt like a failure.

Throughout the years, I tried many things to cure my migraines, like painkillers, birth control, triptans, chiropractors, and other silly fixes I found online. I sought help from primary care doctors and neurologists, who never seemed to listen to me. I would get prescribed something for my symptoms, but we never considered the root cause.

Finally, out of desperation, I caved in and started a cocktail of medications my neurologist prescribed me, hoping it would fix my problems. I am taking three pills three times daily plus a monthly injectable, Aimovig, and that came with some scary side effects. Still, none of those medications reduced my migraines. I hated that I was on so many drugs and still suffering. I was depressed and started to feel like my situation was hopeless as I lived my life preparing for my next episode.

However, my innate urge to never give up pushed me to search for answers. I didn’t want to give up. I was determined to find the root cause of my migraines. This time, I wanted to try a more holistic/functional approach instead of covering my symptoms with medications. What did I have to lose?

After much research, I found an excellent functional medicine doctor in Houston, where I finally felt like someone was listening to me. Instead of pushing me to take more medications, he invested the time to get to the root cause of my problems. After lots of testing, I learned I had an adult tongue tie. My tongue tie was the sneaky little monster causing my migraines. I was shocked that something so small was impacting my life in such a big way. My doctor referred me to an airway dentist, where we looked into the situation further. After a sleep study and a CT scan, I was officially diagnosed with an adult tongue tie and upper airway resistance syndrome, a type of sleep apnea. I was sleeping poorly at night, and I had no clue. I’d wake up with a painful migraine because I’d stop breathing at night. I also learned that I was clenching my teeth at night. Both of those things created my painful migraines upon waking up from sleep. In addition to those problems, it’s the reason why I’ve always had horrible tension in my upper body.

Before I started this journey, I remember when I was going in for a routine cleaning, a dental hygienist studying biological dentistry recommended me to Barbara Greene. I’m so grateful for that day because I contacted her after my diagnosis. There was an immediate improvement in the first two weeks of working with Barbara. With her myofunctional expertise and the tongue tie-release surgery, I’m happy to say I’m no longer a chronic migraineur! I have gone from 3-5 debilitating migraines weekly to 1-2 mild headaches per month. And every passing month since my surgery has been better than the last.

Because of my doctors and Barbara, my life has improved significantly. Finally, I have a life again. I’ve stopped taking my medications and no longer have anxiety or depression. My body feels like new, and I’ve noticed many back and neck tension issues are slowly improving with the help of my craniosacral therapist. Surprisingly, my digestion has improved, too. I’m sleeping better than ever, I have more energy, and my performance at work has improved significantly.

This journey has been one of the most life-changing and positive experiences ever, and I never thought I’d be here writing this story and telling you all that I’m free from my pain. I’m happy I never gave up on myself in my search for a cure. Thank you, Barbara and my doctors, for helping me regain my life. I’m forever grateful!

Alexia, Opera Singer & Singing Teacher

I am an opera singer in France. My therapy with Barbara Greene allowed me to reinforce my knowledge in many aspects: Mouth, Face and Neck functioning, and, consequently, VOICE.

During the therapy, I have personally improved my swallowing; therefore my posture became more balanced, and I experienced less fatigue when sitting or standing up or sitting in a car for a long time. On the other hand, my digestion has improved thanks to better chewing.

As a singing teacher, I have been looking for a long time for ways to help singers who have tongue thrust. I have observed that most of them cannot acquire a good technique. Their neck muscles (larynx), tongue, and face which should be relaxed are constantly in tension (not by choice). They are unable to involve the precise muscles of the tongue (elevation, masseters, etc.). Moreover, their posture is collapsed so they cannot breathe properly.

Thanks to Ms. Greene’s therapy, my student could rebuild normal muscle function in order to be able to build a healthy vocal technique. Their voice gains ease, flexibility, tone, and high pitch. Ms. Greene’s approach is holistic and effective. She is very professional, caring and experienced.

I thank her very much for sharing her knowledge acquired over many years. It’s a very precious lesson for me and a key that was missing in my teaching.

24-Year Old Female

Before discovering myofunctional therapy, I was a 24-year old who thought all her “unusual habits” – tongue thrust, unable to breathe properly through the nose, poor eating habits, unusual swallowing pattern, TMJ, mouth-open posture, poor speech patterns, and gum recession – was normal. However, after discovering myofunctional therapy and meeting with Barbara each week, I slowly was able to correct over two decades worth of poor habits.

During the course of my therapy, I also had my tonsils removed given their enlarged size. Unaware at the time, this was largely contributing to my difficulties with eating/drinking and frequent infections. The tonsillectomy, in addition to the myofunctional therapy, allowed me to go from a state of dysfunction to function.

As a result of tongue thrust, I was left with an open bite despite previously having braces. Now that I have completed the myofunctional therapy, I am finally in a place where I can get my open bite corrected without worrying that this will ruin my bite once again.

I am extremely grateful for Barbara Greene and her myofunctional therapy program. Without this program, I don’t know where I’d be!

WS (Senior Citizen)

It has been a pleasure to be your patient this past year. You have a great aura of professionalism about you, and you are fiercely enthusiastic about your discipline. I totally believe that your myofunctional therapy has enhanced my life greatly. May God bless you richly in all that you do.

Carabella Davis

I am 10 years old and have done many treatments with Barbara. Now, I stand taller with a more confident posture. Many people think I’m a ballerina because of my posture.

My neck stiffness has improved since starting treatments with Barbara.

I have better manners at the dinner table because I use my tongue and facial muscles correctly now.

Barbara is very nice and smart and the exercises she recommends are fun.

And here is my report to Dr. Felix Liao on Carabella’s progress:

The following is a report on today’s visit with Carabella. I will see her in 6 months to be sure all is well. She has completed her year of therapy.

1. She now sleeps on her back with mouth closed and tongue in the palate.

2. She no longer has any areas of pain in her jaw, shoulders, low back, back of head, left shoulder blade, or neck.

3. Her Mother states she has not had to give her any allergy medication since beginning treatment.

4. The ear buzzing has ceased.

5. Her posture is picture perfect now.

6. Masseter and temporalis muscles are activating correctly now.

7. She no longer has gas, hiccups, or stomachaches.

8. Her bite has improved, her chin has developed more forward improving her profile.

9. Her facial asymmetry of the eyes not being even has changed to being even.

10. She is always with her tongue in the palate and her lips closed.

11. She is eating and drinking correctly.

12. All of her poor habits are gone-Leaning, cuticle biting, pulling her hair across the lips, tipping her head as she would twirl her hair, no longer twirling her hair, no longer chewing gum.

What a thrill it is to be a myofunctional therapist! – Barbara Greene

Candice Davis (Parent)

My daughter started seeing Barbara 18 months ago, and since then she’s made dramatic improvements.

She had neck pain and stiffness that was improved by the therapy.

Her posture and body mechanics look stronger and better coordinated.

I think the muscle conditioning of the oral facial region has made her look healthier and more attractive.

Tongue therapy with Barbara has also improved her manners at the dinner table since fast eating and stuffing ones mouth is against the rules!

Barbara understands the holistic nature of the oral-facial muscles and tongue to the workings of the rest of the body. Definitely time well spent!

Samuel Hertz

I spent my school years going to a weekly speech class. I was told I had tongue thrust, but we spent the whole time sounding out words listed on a card. It’s been over 10 years since I graduated high school, and I noticed I had this growing double chin even though I was reasonably fit. I decided to Google tongue thrust therapy and see if that would help. Never in a million years did I think Barbara’s therapy would not only remove my double chin but improve the entire general look of my face. My cheeks are more angled, eyes more focused, and slowly my jawline is returning.

It’s really incredible how much damage your tongue can do if it’s not working correctly! I didn’t realize how much gas and upset stomachs were caused by my mouth breathing. Since about 6 weeks into my therapy, both have almost completely abated. I don’t snore or slobber or drop food all over myself (well, that’s still a work in progress with some foods :-)). My speaking and pronunciation have improved. I’ve listened to tape recordings, and the mumbling in my speaking has drastically been reduced. You don’t even have to trust me, you can ask my mother. She has bad hearing and would have to ask me to repeat myself due to the mumbling; after my therapy, not anymore!

I worked hard, religiously, doing my homework. I truly believe you only get the results with putting in the work; you’ll get nothing out of this therapy if you don’t commit to the times to actually do the practices. I can’t thank Barbara enough. It’s rare you go into any sort of therapy and get more results than you expected.

Pamela Frederick, Camarillo, CA, for Dane, age 10

Overall, this is an excellent program. My son was very receptive and enthusiastic about the exercises. As a result of his efforts, Dane has more awareness of the importance of the function of the tongue and mouth, swallowing, and talking. Other positive changes took place in facial changes, bite changes, freedom from congestion, and his eating, drinking, and sleeping habits.

– Pamela Frederick, for Dane, age 10, Camarillo, CA

Darlene Ferguson, Ventura, CA, for Colin age 13

Colin is more self aware; he sits up straighter; his mouth does not hang open; his speech is clearer; his orthodontist has seen enough of a change to go ahead with braces; and I have seen changes in his self esteem, self-confidence, and facial changes. This therapy is priceless!

– Darlene Ferguson, for Colin age 13, Ventura, CA

Adult patient, midway through therapy

My husband is thrilled. He says I am a better kisser!

– Adult patient, midway through therapy,

Donele Nakata

This therapy has meant everything to me. It’s great to eat food with my mouth closed! I love that I have learned to swallow correctly and I don’t have to worry about my overbite once the surgery is completed and the braces are off. Thank you, Barbara, for all your hard work and making me more comfortable with this process.

– Donele Nakata, age 30, Simi Valley, CA

Mrs. Jones

Not only did Megan receive changes in her facial development, posture, the bite, eating and drinking habits, allergic reactions, congestion, many habit patterns, and getting fee of areas of pain, she has received a lifetime of good habits that will affect her appearance and health.” – Mrs. Jones, Ventura, CA, for Megan age 15

– Mrs. Jones, for Megan age 15, Ventura, CA

Arlene Benson

Ryan is more poised and communicates much better as a result of his therapy. He has had major changes in his self-confidence, facial cosmetics, scholastic ability, posture, the bite, eating and drinking habits and freedom from congestion. I feel our investment was well spent and I give you a “10” rating on every aspect of the benefits of oral-facial myology.

– Arlene Benson for Ryan, age 11, Oxnard, CA

M. Lourdes Ayala

After 10 ½ years of sucking his thumb, Joel stopped after the first night with your motivational therapy program! My son and I are very appreciative for all the positive changes – both physical and psychological – that Joel has achieved. If I had to place a dollar value on the therapy results it would be “priceless”! Thank you for the changes in facial cosmetics, posture, the bite, eating and drinking habits, areas of pain, congestion, sleeping habits, and oh so many other habits. At times it was challenging due to our busy life style and life demands, but doable.

– M. Lourdes Ayala for Joel, age 10, Ventura, CA

If you could tell someone in one sentence the most important benefit received from this therapy, what would you say?

“The long-term benefit to health due to proper biomechanics of the oral-facial muscles as well as the physical enhancement of facial appearance will be with our daughter throughout her life.” – Adrienne Fountaine, Ventura, CA, for Katherine, age 8

“That the tongue is trained to be in a correct position so the teeth stay straight after orthodontics. Posture, speech, and change in the face were an unexpected bonus!” – Elaine O’Malia, Ventura, CA, for Marty, age 9

“Free of TMJ Pain! Good quality referrals were also very helpful in our situation.” – Kenmere Davidson, Ventura, CA, for Erica, age 14

“Stopped thumb sucking!” – Georgette Peterson, Ventura, CA, for Grace, age 9

“Besides breaking the thumb sucking habit, the awareness of his body habits and the goals that can be achieved greatly healed his self esteem.” – Susan De Leon, Santa Ynez, CA, for Ventura, age 8

Libby Reynolds

Dear Barbara, Hello! I just wanted to drop you a note to say “Thank You!” Your work with both Dave and David has made a very noticeable difference in my home. The following is a short list of benefits I’ve gotten from this process:

  1. Dave’s [her husband’s] speech is more clearly projected. I actually understand most of what he says the first time he says it! He doesn’t have to repeat himself nearly as much.
  2. He hardly ever gets food on his face anymore! (I LOVE that one!!)
  3. He eats along with the family rather than being the first one finished.
  4. I don’t roll over onto a wet pillow at night (he doesn’t drool anymore!) – YEAH!
  5. He doesn’t have chapped/cracked lips like he used to (nor does our son David).
  6. David has his mouth closed all the time-even whole sleeping.
  7. David doesn’t belch like he used to. What a great improvement!!! :o)
  8. David is more aware of his posture and does a good job of keeping himself straight-rather than slouching.

Quite frankly, I think I could go on and on, but you get the idea :o)

I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done with both of my Dave’s. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Your work is very much appreciated!

– Libby Reynolds, August 13, 2008

William M. Hang, D.D.S., M.S.D

Re: David Reynolds

Dear Barbara, I read every word of David’s testimonial and learned a great deal from it. First of all, I’m elated that he got this kind of a change from the myofunctional therapy and the ENT surgery. Neither alone would have accomplished what the two could do. This will have a huge impact on his health. Deb and I read the letter and will have our team read it. We will also hand it out when we make referrals to you.

I’m thrilled to see the kind of improvements that are achievable when people actually do the treatment that is recommended. Both Davids have done an incredible job and are poster children for what can be done. I’m sad that only a small fraction of all the people we send for treatment even make it to your door, and fewer still go ahead. It is the world we both live in. If I saw all the patients that dentists supposedly refer to me I’d be working 24 hours a day which is only a couple more hours than I’m already spending at the office doing all the non-patient related stuff that Deb and I do!

We started a new class of the Biobloc Orthotropic Mini-Residency, and I am pleased with the new class. We discussed the need for myofunctional therapy in detail and showed interesting cases. I also feature the case of the boy we have discussed whose mother refused myofunctional therapy in a very vocal way several years ago. He now has OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) at age 15! I hope you will feature both David’s cases and this letter in your presentation at our Mini-Residency next June.

– William M. Hang, D.D.S., M.S.D, September 7, 2008

David Reynolds

A letter from an adult patient:

Dear Barbara, I would like to address this letter to prospective clients, while at the same time, giving you great thanks for changing my life. I thought that I was perfectly fine prior to treatment. I convinced myself that my breathing was fine, snoring and drooling was funny, occasional lazy speech was someone else’s failure to understand me, posture was overrated, stress was just a part of life, hanging my mouth open was fine, and snorting due to the fact that I could not breathe through my nose was no big deal. My wife often asked me to blow my nose, but even she did not understand the depth of my problem. Often times, I would eat with my mouth open and consume my food before others even started.

Of course, I did not exhibit these behaviors all at the same time, or even in the same day-maybe not even in the same week. You would have to really pay attention to me closely to notice these behaviors. If someone pointed these things out, you would notice immediately. Believe me, now that I have gone through this therapy, I see many of these behaviors in 95% of the people that I come in contact with. If you have not had this therapy, then you may be exhibiting at least some of these behaviors – although most likely in a very subtle manner.

How did I end up in therapy? My son David was referred to Barbara by Dr. Hang [David’s orthodontist]. Dr. Hang wanted David to learn how to keep his mouth closed so that his teeth would not shift in coming years. David, his mother, and I, all filled out a survey to find out what some of David’s problems were. I realized that I had all of his issues and then some! I began to pay attention to all of the items that I listed above and soon realized that I could greatly improve my life with therapy. I was 44 years old and wanted to enjoy at least another 44 years of incredible health and happiness. So, when David was almost done with his treatment, I decided to take the plunge.

My first task was to have my nose tested for breathing capabilities. I needed to have sufficiently open airways in order to perform therapy exercises. Barbara referred me to Dr. Glen Waldman. My nose was 90% blocked! To make a long story short, I got my nose fixed. It is operating at a very high level and looks great to boot! I began therapy with Barbara a couple of months after my surgery and my life changed significantly.

I do not snore anymore; my speech is very clear; I have an incredible amount of energy, phenomenal posture and breathing capabilities; I enjoy food for the first time in my life; I do not offend my wife with food on my face; we enjoy meals together; I sleep like a rock; the bed does not get turned inside out at night; my stress is greatly reduced now that Barbara has trained me how to sleep effortlessly; I use to have stress in my eating, but now I take time and enjoy the moment. This therapy improved every aspect of my life and will allow me to live an extra 8-10 years!

Do not live in denial – get yourself checked out. It is life-changing and worth every single penny and ounce of time that it takes.

– David Reynolds, August 24, 2008

In your estimation, what areas were you aware of significant changes?

“Facial cosmetics, the bite, eating habits, drinking habits, congestion, and sleeping habits.” – Adrienne Fountaine, Ventura, CA, for Katherine, age 8

“Self esteem, self confidence, facial cosmetics, posture, the bite, eating habits, drinking habits, congestion, sleeping habits, other habits.” – Sharon Temple, Ventura, CA, for Amanda, age 13

“Self esteem, self confidence, facial cosmetics, posture, congestion, the bite, eating habits, drinking habits, sucking habits, sleeping habits.” – Elaine O’Malia, Ventura, CA, for Marty, age 9

“Congestion, allergic reactions, the bite, eating habits, drinking habits” – Diaz D’Andrea, Buellton, CA, for Jillian, age 7

“Your office and approach is extremely cheerful and positive!!” – Christine Osborne, Ventura, CA, for Mary, age 11

“Prevention of TMJ”-Cindy Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA, for Maggie, age 13

Hugh, Cindy, and Casey O’Brien

A letter from parents of a 4 year old:

Dear Barbara, Eight months ago, my husband and I sat in your office in complete shock. We brought our 4-year old daughter in for an evaluation after Dr. Dolgin [a cranial osteopath] suggested that Casey’s jaw was not developing properly. We are educated people, but we were not at all prepared for the findings of your exam; nor were we prepared for the world we were about to enter.

Learning that Casey was tongue-tied was frustrating for us. My husband noticed Casey’s tight lingual frenulum when she was a baby, and we questioned her pediatrician. We questioned her pediatrician and her dentist several times over the next couple years about many things: her tongue, chronic hiccups, developing sleep apnea, constant choking on food and drink, chronic sinus infections, her sudden incessant hand biting, etc. We were always told she was fine, normal, strong, healthy; we were told all these other things are “normal” for toddlers and preschoolers. We kick ourselves for not knowing better, but we naively “assumed” the doctor must know since we didn’t.

When you told us that Casey was tongue-tied and that pretty much all of the symptoms we’d been questioning for a couple of years were related, we were just stunned. As we learned more about how important proper mouth and jaw development is to proper body growth, development, and long-term health, we were speechless. Realizing the negative road Casey had been traveling down for 4 years, we were filled with anger and relief; anger for the 4 years during which we’d been questioning things but dismissed by doctors, but thankful that things could be addressed and changed while she was still young.

Following your recommendation for treatment, we had Casey’s lingual and maxillary frenulum released with laser surgery. Three days later, we started our weekly therapy appointments with you. We diligently performed the exercises you gave Casey each week, completing them twice a day, every day.

Barbara, it’s been eight months since this whole thing started, and the change in Casey is amazing. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our daughter. Casey’s life has been changed as a result of your caring work. She no longer suffers from chronic hiccups, sleep apnea, choking or sinus infections. Her once enlarged tonsils are normal size and do not need to be removed. Her speech is clear. She no longer chews her hands. Her face is balancing so pressure that was being placed on her right pupil is nearly gone [confirmed by the cranial osteopath]. Her face is no longer growing in a way that would result in a distorted appearance. Her posture and balance is now proper. Her chin and jaw are developing the way they should; so much so that the holistic orthodontist [Darick Nordstrom, DDS, an ALF practitioner] feels the chance is good that Casey won’t have to wear an oral orthotic to further assist in proper jaw development and growth.

My husband and I know, without question, that Casey’s face would have become distorted as she grew. We know that her total body health and functioning would have suffered had she not been treated. I don’t even want to think about the impact everything would have had on her emotionally over the years. But now all that is behind us. Casey will no longer be negatively impacted by the fact that she was once tongue-tied and her oral facial muscles did not work properly.

So we thank you for your work and your honesty. We thank you for caring. It’s not easy to get anyone to do these exercises as needed, but especially a 4 year old. You made this much easier for Casey. She always looked forward to seeing you. We found a way to make the exercises fun. We called it “tongue school” and made everything part of pretend play and fun.

I hope you continue with your work for many years. There are so many people who will benefit.

– Hugh, Cindy, and Casey O’Brien,

Stephanie D.

E-mail from a parent of 2 week old twins having difficulty nursing:

Hello Barbara,

We had both girls upper labial frenula & lingual frenula clipped. Dr. Hantke did the clippings in Ventura. Since the procedure, both are nursing beautifully and I have had no more nipple trauma!

Anyways, thank you so much for coming by our home for the consultation, we so appreciate it. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you as life at our house is quite busy!


– Stephanie D.,

Lisa Card

Letter from the parent of a 3 week old baby having difficulty nursing:

We went to see Dr. Galen last Monday and decided to have the two procedures done [lingual frenum surgery to correct a posterior tongue-tie and a restricted upper lip frenum]. Daphne was a champ. She ate so well right after and has been doing SO much better. I can tell such a difference! She still pulls her tongue back once in a while, so I’m trying to really make sure we get a good latch from the start, and I received some “exercises” to do with her from our lactation consultant. I’m so glad we had it done. She sticks her tongue way out now, too, when she’s talking and cooing.

Thank you for taking the time to come out to us and for you evaluation. Your insight was invaluable!

– Lisa (and Daphne) Card,

Julie Fairall

A letter from the parent of a primary grader:

We have felt very blessed to have been referred to Barbara Greene by our orthodontist Dr. Hannah when we were made aware of Jared’s much bigger problems and symptoms related to his tongue and teeth.

Through Barbara’s friendly, but firm exercise techniques and home therapy, we have learned to work towards a long-term goal together as a parent/child team. She is easy to work with, pleasant, encouraging, and helpful.

Her therapy has brought many positive results. Jared has stopped burping, headaches have decreased, his tongue is on the spot, speech has cleared, allergies have lessened, correct sleeping, eating, drinking, and posture habits have been learned. The therapy has given us more hope for Jared to have a better quality of life in the future, along with the tools and skills he needs for sustaining these healthy habits.

Sincerely, Julie Fairall October 18, 2011
From Jared:
Star wars myo Once there was a boy named Jared who had problems with his mouth.

He went to Barbara Greene to learn tongue exercises. Jared did his tongue exercises every day for a year. He started to sit up straight, burp less, and his headaches went away. He keeps his tongue on the spot.

Ms. Greene is nice, he likes her a lot. She helped him stop doing bad habits.

– Julie and Jared Fairall ,


An email from a 14 year old after online myofunctional therapy:

My name is Camilla. I am 14 years old and live in London, England. I have been doing Myofunctional Therapy with Barbara Greene over Skype to overcome some bad habits which I have been developing ever since I was a baby.

The therapy consists of many exercises made to target specific muscles and abolish bad habits that you may have. These terrible habits can change your appearance for the worst and can be very damaging to your health. It is very important to recognize them and replace them with new, correct habits that will bring about wonderful natural transformations for a happier, healthier you. This enables you to be the best you can be for the rest of your life.

Many people actually do need myofunctional therapy but are just not aware of it. This is very sad as these people are being held back by these negative habits that are worsening their health and are unfortunately not conscious of it and the impact it is having on them. Problems include: incorrect tongue placement and thrusting, mouth breathing, thumb-sucking, nail-biting, incorrect eating and drinking and other bad oral habits. Many of these habits are things you see everyday with people on the streets and people who you know and it is a shame that they do not understand how they are harming themselves. When you deal with these habits and fix them the rewards and benefits are endless. It is such a motivation for me to know that through this therapy I am becoming a much better me. This has already been confirmed so many times when I have looked back at myself before the therapy at then at myself now and I can clearly see so many improvements in my face, smile, posture and teeth. I am so much more confident now and have become my own inspiration. ?

Myofunctional therapy is to me an opportunity to correct the ways in which I utilize my body every single day in order to allow it to work in a much more balanced and harmonious way. The fact that I have been able to do so is something that I am incredibly grateful for and will treasure for my entire life.

For me personally, through this therapy I have learnt to swallow correctly, which is a huge achievement, as before I used to squeeze my lips together and do many things incorrectly, but now, thankfully, I have retrained myself to swallow properly many other things have fallen into place. I can now eat and drink correctly and I always breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. Another thing which I love about the therapy is the fact that during my Skype sessions with Barbara she doesn’t just tell me to do something because it is “right”, she goes in-depth and detail on why it is so important to adopt these correct habits; this really opens your eyes and makes you realize just how important they are. For example, when I was training myself to always breathe through my nose I was also learning about why I was doing so. Our noses contain extraordinary mechanisms that filter out bacteria in the air as we breathe it into our lungs, therefore it is extremely important that we allow it to do its job. Lessons like these serve as extra motivation but it is also fascinating to learn about our bodies and how they are designed to work and how essential it is that we utilise them in the way they were intended to be, and I am now conscious of the effects that small things can have.

As I have said before, I have gained a lot of confidence through this therapy. My tongue is on the spot and my mouth is always closed in comparison to before when my mouth would always be open. My head-neck-body posture has improved drastically. I have also overcome a terrible nail biting habit. In addition to all this I have noticed improvements in many other things like the fact that I have been sleeping much better and my speech has become clearer to name a few.

Swallowing correctly and fixing all my bad habits now will ensure maximum health in the future. Myofunctional therapy has given me so much hope and belief in myself and the fact that I am able to now live a healthier and better life is amazing. Thank you Barbara!

– Camilla, London, England

If you could place a dollar value on the results of therapy, what would it be?

“Invaluable.” – Kathy Pavek

“Priceless.” – Adrienne Fountaine

“Priceless.” – Sandra Rasmussen

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