Myofunctional Therapy with Barbara J. Greene

In Person or Online

I provide myofunctional therapy for both children and adults in person and online – a great option for people who live beyond Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties or who may have mobility, transportation or scheduling issues that make it hard to attend regular office visits in person.

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In person appointments are held in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California.

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About the Therapy

In 1971, I discovered that I was a mouth-breather and tongue- thruster. I had many poor habits. Myofunctional therapy changed my life.

And it can change yours – or your child’s.

While the specific therapy time frame depends on your specific oral-facial situation and needs, a full course of therapy lasts about a year. It starts with weekly appointments for the first 3 to 6 months and twice daily exercises at home (about 15 minutes per session). This is followed by monthly visits for the rest of the year to make sure the new habits are really ingrained.

Myofunctional therapists are trained to use positive behavior management techniques to help patients replace negative oral and facial habits with proper functions of the tongue, lips and facial muscles. Therapy can improve the clarity of your speech, enhance your appearance, improve eating, drinking and sleeping habits, and help maintain good oral health for a lifetime.

I hope you’ll make the decision to dedicate yourself to this program of exercises – removing stress from your oral-facial muscles and allowing your body to function at a much higher/optimal level.

You, too, can experience a whole new world of performance you never dreamed possible.

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